This page contains the software and data used for Detection-based Object Labeling on the RGB-D Scenes Dataset as implemented in the paper:

Detection-based Object Labeling in 3D Scenes
Kevin Lai, Liefeng Bo, Xiaofeng Ren, and Dieter Fox. ICRA 2012, May 2012.

Windows users: The dataset was compressed into a tarball using Linux. Some Windows extractors have problems reading the files. One program that can be used to extract the data in Windows is 7zip (Open the single file extracted from the tarball again with 7zip to unpack it into a directory).


object_labeling.tar (700 KB)

detection_train.tar - Object Training Data (16 GB)
detection_background.tar - Background Training Data (1.8 GB)
detection_test.tar - Scene Evaluation Data (803 MB)
detection_groundtruth.tar - Scene Ground Truth Data (136 KB)
aligned_rgbd_scenes.tar - Aligned 3D scene point clouds (600 MB)